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How do I join SFAfA?
Any practicing San Francisco Veterinary Medical Association veterinarian whose dues are current is eligible to partner with SFAfA. Our fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th. In April, invitation letters are sent out to all SFVMA members, inviting them to join with SF Aid for Animals. The enrollment form needs to be filled out and returned to us by May 31st.

Are there any fees to join SFAfA?
As long as your SFVMA dues are current, there are no fees to partner with SFAfA.

How do I know if I have been enrolled?
An enrollment package is sent out at the end of June. It includes all the materials and information that you will need to work within our program during the next fiscal year.

How much am I eligible to receive in Grant-in-Aid (GIA) funds?
Your GIA funds are based on the donations that we receive in the previous fiscal year. We divide that amount among all of our participating veterinarians. Your enrollment packet will contain a letter informing you of the GIA amount that has been made available to you during the upcoming fiscal year.

How does the program work?
When you are working on a case where the client is in need of financial assistance, evaluate if the case fits our guidelines. The pet must have an urgent need for veterinary care, have a good prognosis, and the client must have exhausted all other financial options. You may then offer your client a GIA, based on your allotment for that year. The amount you offer is up to you (with the maximum being your entire GIA amount for that year). You must match that GIA with an equivalent or greater donation of in-kind services or discounts on that client’s bill. Upon completion of treatment, fill out the paperwork and send it to SFAfA. We will send your hospital a check for the GIA amount that you awarded your client and a donation receipt for your in-kind donation.

What if I don’t use my allotment of GIA funds in the fiscal year?
Any unused funds will remain with SFAfA to be returned to the general GIA fund and redistributed in the next GIA cycle.

What is Grant Share?
If your patient needs to be referred for urgent or specialty care and you would like to apply your GIA funds to help with the cost of that care, in limited circumstances you may be able to transfer your GIA funds with your patient to a member specialty hospital. The specialty hospitals have generously agreed to match your GIA for that client.

What if I have any questions?
You can email us via the “Contact Us” link on our website. If you are already enrolled in the GIA Program, please see the contact list provided to you to contact any member of the GIA Subcommittee.

How can I help?
If you are not a partner with SFAfA, join us next year. We are here to help you to assist more of your patients and families in need—tell your clients, staff, friends and associates about SFAfA. Encourage donations to SFAfA. Consider collecting donations for us through our Donation Dog House Program. Memorialize your patients by joining our In-Memoriam Program. Volunteer and help us out. Like us on Facebook. Together we can help more deserving families and their beloved pets.