Community Thrift and SFAfA

San Francisco Aid for Animals is now on the charity roster of Community Thrift! That means you can donate furniture, clothes, books, etc. to Community Thrift AND shop for items there (code 44) – all to benefit SFAfA. Learn about what type of donations are accepted and get directions to the Donate Door here (it can be a little tricky to find):

Support DogTrekker and DogTrekker will Support Us! is a collaborative effort by a team of dog lovers who want to share what they’ve learned during 200 combined years of on-the-road and on-the-trail adventures. They’ve uncovered the best places in Northern California for you and your pup to stay, eat, hike, splash and play and listed them by county or region on is currently offering a dollar donation to Northern California rescue organizations for everyone who signs up to receive just one free weekly newsletter. Continue Reading

Pet Food Express Free Pet Portrait

San Francisco Aid for Animals has partnered with Pet Food Express’ “My Mutt Program” to bring you this offer: Donate $250 or more to SFAfA and you qualify for a free portrait of your pet taken by a professional pet photographer. The portrait will be enlarged to poster size and displayed at a local Pet Food Express for at least 6 months. When the poster is taken down it will be given to you free of charge. This is our Continue Reading


Everyone knows that cats have nine lives. This is the story of seventeen year-old Mimi who has been testing that legend. Mimi was discovered by Ms. Chin Chi in 2001 living in a feral cat community of 30 plus cats in the Richmond District of San Francisco. She was a very small, frail looking cat with one obviously blind eye. They called her “little mommy” then as she regularly produced litters of kittens. Chin and her friends always made sure Continue Reading


On a bright, sunny day in August 2006 Matt, a 23-year-old USF college student, decided to check out the action at Serramonte Mall in Daly City. As he wandered around the mall he came upon the pet store.  In front were large aquariums filled with all sorts of tropical fish, next were the parrots, parakeets and canaries, behind them more aquariums containing snakes and lizards and at the very back, behind a large glass window were a dozen kennels each Continue Reading

Junior & Churris

Here’s the story: Cesar was about to take the laundry downstairs but Junior and Churris were horsing around in the hallway. He told them to stop but they continued until Churris accidently bumped Junior and down the stairs he fell. A trip to the ER confirmed a broken leg, a surgeon was called, the fracture was repaired and Junior went home a chastised and hopefully wiser child. And Cesar’s medical insurance paid most of the costs. In reality Junior and Continue Reading


When Rich and Teri began to think about bringing another Shetland Sheepdog into their home, they knew this had to be a very special puppy. This would be their sixth Sheltie, their original adopted from the San Francisco SPCA more than 35 years ago. Furthermore, they hoped to train their new addition as a service dog to help Rich who has Parkinson’s disease. Shortly before Christmas last year, they found a breeder in Oklahoma and selected a tiny girl named Continue Reading


Deborah and Nicholas have been feeding a colony of feral cats in San Jose since 1999. Some time in 2009, a strange new cat showed up and hung around the edge of the main colony. He was a big (14 pounds), long-haired, orange and white tom cat that looked a lot like a Maine Coon. Looking at his tipped ear, they knew that the stranger had been neutered and released, but they weren’t sure what gender he was – with Continue Reading